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Phone Number is REQUIRED for all International Orders
Phone Number is REQUIRED for all International Orders

The Moment Never Ends

A Retro Radio Speaker, Handmade in USA, with Vintage Nixie Tubes and Hi-Fi Sound.

Lights from the Past

The last nixie tube was made in the early 90s. We’ve collected them over the years from various sources to use in Retio - the tubes in your Retio are genuine vintage stock.


Each Retio is crafted by hand in the San Francisco Bay Area using materials, finishes, and details inspired by the glory of historical craftsmanship. Superior craftsmanship is yet another way that Retio is bringing back the past.

Music Carries Memories

Radio is a tried and true way to enjoy music. Retio supports FM/AM/DAB+ radio, AUX, and Bluetooth with a Hi-Fi speaker module that brings an elegant touch to your listening time - and even displays the time between sessions.

Statement Piece

Handcrafted with four wood types - walnut, rift sawn white oak, wenge or zebrawood, Retio is a statement piece in your home and will make any matching furnitures shine together!

As Seen On

Retio Stereo Set

Two Retios(Retio or Retio Lite) can be paired together and provide amazing stereo sound.

Brass Feet

Brass feet is available now. Metals on Retio are made of solid brass or aluminum with advanced milling and CNC precision.
30 Days Return Policy
One Year Warranty
12 yrs nixie clock maker